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The success of the College and University depends on the work of many within its departments, centers and programs. Faculty contributions in this area have provided critical support to the ongoing development of FIU.

Past Recipients

  • 2017

    Biological Sciences

    John Makemson

    Jennifer Richards

    Joel Trexler

    Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Watson Lees

    Ramon Lopez de la Vega

    Kelly Rein

    Uma Swamy

    Yuk Ching Tse Dinh

    Dean’s Office

    Maureen Donnelly

    Jennifer Gebelein


    Chet Breaux

    Cindy Chinelly

    Jason Pearl

    Martha Schoolman

    Leadership and Professional Studies

    Maureen Kenny

    Liberal Studies

    Grenville Draper

    Mathematics and Statistics

    Zhenmin Chen

    Jeremiah Hower

    Jon Zweibel


    Kenton Harris


    Angela Laird

    Geoffrey Potvin

    Jorge Rodriguez


    Dan Bagner

    Stacy Frazier

    Robert Lickliter

    Kristin Nichols-Lopez

    Sea Level Solutions Center

    Tiffany Troxler

  • 2016

    Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Milagros Delgado

    Konstantinos Kavallieratos

    Kathleen S Rein


    Earth and Environment

    Dean Whitman



    Lynne M Barrett

    Feryal Yavas


    Leadership and Professional Studies

    Maureen Kenny Winick



    Kenton S Harris



    Stacy Frazier


    Teaching and Learning

    Patricia Barbetta

    Teresa Lucas