Todd Crowl

Professor; Director, Institute of Environment; Director/PI, CREST CAChE

Institute of Environment; Center for Aquatic Chemistry and Environment

Office: OE 148A, ACII 220A

Phone: 305-348-3095


Dr. Todd Crowl is the Director of the FIU Institute of Environment, one of the University's preeminent programs. He joined FIU in 2014 and has been leading the institute through incredible growth over the past six years. Since 2016, Crowl has been the principal investigator at FIU on CREST CAChE, an NSF-funded project focused on aquatic chemistry and water contamination, and has led the Institute of Environment into partnering with a number of universities and prestigious organizations, both nationally and abroad. He has presented important solutions to environmental threats to the White House and other decision-makers.

His research interests include aquatic ecology, predator-prey interactions, food web ecology and most recently, urban stream ecology. As Co-PI of the Luquillo Puerto Rico LTER, he has spent the last 25 years looking at energy flow between the riparian zone and the streams draining the rainforest. Other projects he leads include the role of introduced fish on native fish communities in western US lakes and the role of urbanization on sustainable freshwater resources.

Prior to joining FIU, Crowl worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Otago University before taking on a faculty position at Utah State University. In addition to being a professor of quantitative ecology at Utah State, Crowl was also the director and lead PI of the iUTAH EPSCoR program, where he worked to improve and maintain water sustainability in Utah.

Crowl has published more than 60 peer-reviewed articles over the course of his career. He received his BS in Biology at The Ohio State University and his MS and PhD in Zoology at the University of Oklahoma.