Yong Cai

Professor; Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry; RFA 1 Co-Lead for CREST CAChE

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Office: CP 325, CP 373, CP 396-398, VH 316B-C

Phone: 305-348-6210

Email: cai@fiu.edu


Research Areas

Dr. Yong Cai's group conducts research in the field of environmental bioinorganic chemistry, biogeochemistry, and bioanalytical chemistry. Various research projects in his laboratory address many interrelated, molecular-level questions regarding the environmental fate and health effect of environmentally important metals and metalloids, such as mercury (Hg) and arsenic (As).

  • Biogeochemical cycling of mercury in aquatic environments.
  • Environmental fate and transformation of arsenic.
  • Metabolism, toxicology, and clinical efficacy of arsenic compounds.
  • Environmental implications of engineered nanomaterials.


  • BS, Ocean University of Qingdao
  • MS, Nankai University
  • PhD, Nankai University