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 Policies & Procedures

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As educators, the curricular process is vital to ensure the highest quality of teaching that embodies a standard of excellence across every classroom experience. The Curriculum Committee oversees curricular requests.

Scheduling resources page

Tech Tools

  • Computer Labs - available to FIU faculty, staff and students
  • iPad Carts - available for use by School of Education and Human Development faculty
  • TaskStream - School of Education and Human Development learning assessment tool

Teaching and Learning Technology Advisory Committee 

Professional Development

  • Online Teaching

    FIU Online Resources include pedagogical and technological tools as well as training for online professors to make curricula accessible, engaging and effective.

    New Courses

    The process of a course proposal, approval and implementation take about 2-3 business weeks. In the request form, be sure to include your department chair's email in the Supervisor Email space, so that they can get a copy of the request.

    1. Faculty submits online course proposal
    2. CASE conducts enrollment analysis
    3. CASE conducts pedagogical assessment
    4. FIU Online assigns Instructional Designer (ID)
    5. Faculty and ID Designer design course shell and content


    If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Sanchez in the CASE Office of the Dean.

    Online Teaching Training and Standards

    Want to be up-to-date with the best modes of online teaching?

    Are your courses meeting Quality Matters (QM) standards?

  • Faculty Mentors

    The Faculty Mentor Program provides career advice and mentorship to faculty through workshops, presentations and mentoring. Mentees and mentors are welcome.

  • StartUP FIU

    StartUP FIU — a collaborative initiative for FIU students, faculty and early-stage startup entrepreneurs — will help you to create and grow different ventures from high technology to traditional companies and social projects. 

    You can learn more about StartUP FIU and even apply for its 14-week Empower Accelerator program to get your business plan ready for a pitch.

  • Center for the Advancement of Teaching

    The Center for the Advancement of Teaching supports faculty and encourages learner-centered teaching and intellectual exchange. The center offers workshops on topics including:

    • Communicating with Students
    • Teaching with Technology
    • Furnishing Feedback
    • Diversity and Equity
    • Best Practices for Final Exams
    • Learner-centered Lesson Design
  • Faculty Learning Community

    The Faculty Learning Community in the School of Education and Human Development has held learning sessions and conferences on education and habits of mind.


CASE Research Development Office

The CASE Research Development Office works with investigators and scholars, providing support for transdisciplinary collaborations, opportunity identification, team formation and proposal development.

FIU Office of Research and Economic Development

The university's Office of Research and Economic Development can assist faculty through any process of their research. The Researcher’s Timeline has typical milestones in the funding process, from the initial steps of the project to its finalization, and demonstrates which group ORED is best equipped to help.

More Research Resources

 Marketing, Communications & Advancement

Reaching out to our community, fellow researchers and potential supporters is essential to continue making a difference through our scholarship and service.

For questions regarding media, marketing or publicizing your research pending publication, contact the Marketing and Communications team.

For advancement needs, contact the Advancement team.