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Department of Mathematics and Statistics

As diverse scholars dedicated to distinction in teaching, scholarship, research and service, we provide the necessary skills in mathematics and statistics to enhance students' education across a range of disciplines.

New major: Mathematical Data Science


“The world is one big data problem.” – Andrew McAfee, principal research scientist, at MIT.

Mathematical Data Science is an exciting inter-disciplinary field that leverages Mathematics, Statistics and computer programming to solve complex problems in business, medicine, sports management and many other fields. Data Scientists with a strong mathematical foundation are uniquely skilled to lead the development and application of new algorithms to generate data-driven discoveries and insights.

Students in our program will undertake core courses in Linear Algebra, Calculus, Mathematical Statistics, Optimization Theory and Statistical Machine Learning (24 credit hours). An emphasis on algorithmic development and computer programming skills such as Python and R are woven into these foundational courses. Students also complete several required courses from the Computer Science department (16 credit hours), providing students with the technical skills needed to carry out a culminating experience, or Capstone project, focused on a Data Science case study (3 credit hours). More information on course requirements can be found here: (Course Catalog and Flow Chart)

As the city of Miami continues to flourish and grow as a technology hub, local career opportunities for graduates of our program will be robust. Students in our program will have the opportunity to network with industry speakers invited to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics seminar series. More information on careers in Data Science can be found here:

· Articles about Data Science

· Career Development Resources

· Job Board Postings

For further information about the Mathematical Data Science major, you may contact our Math Faculty Ciprian Gal, and Julian Edward,  

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