Certificate in Actuarial Studies

Our Certificate in Actuarial Studies provides a focus for students interested in pursuing a career in the actuarial sciences. The primary emphasis of this program is on the mathematical and statistical background that forms the foundation of the work in this area.

This certificate program is open to degree-seeking students only and is most suitable for students majoring in Mathematics or Statistics. It would also be valuable for those who wish eventually to enter the actuarial field, but choose to major in an allied discipline such as Business or Computer Science. In addition, it allows access to those students who are currently working in this area and wish to develop or upgrade their skills.

  • Courses

    Required courses:

    • MAC 2311 Calculus I (4)
    • MAC 2312 Calculus II (4)
    • MAC 2313 Calculus III (4)
    • MAS 3105 Linear Algebra (3)
    • MAT 3930 Special Topics- Mathematics (1)
    • STA 4321 Mathematical Statistics I (3)
    • STA 3930 Special Topics-Statistics (1)

    Plus four of the following:

    • STA 4322 Mathematical Statistics II (3)
    • MAD 3401 Numerical Analysis (3) OR MAD 5405 Numerical Methods (3)
    • STA 4603 Mathematical Techniques of Operations Research (3) OR MAP 5236 Operations Research (3)
    • STA 4234 Introduction to Regression Analysis (3) OR STA 5236 Regression Analysis (3)
    • ECO 2013 Principles of Macro-Economics (3)
    • ECO 2023 Principles of Micro-Economics (3)
    • ECO 4237 Money, Interest, and Capital (3)
    • ACG 2021 Accounting for Decisions (3)
    • ACG 3024 Introduction to Accounting for Managers and Investors (3)
    • FIN 3403 Financial Management (3)
    • COP 2210 Introduction to Programming (3) OR COP 3337 Intermediate Programming (3)

    For more information, consult the Undergraduate Certificates Catalog.

  • Application

    Current degree-seeking students should submit the Change of Program/Plan form to add a certificate.

    Change of Program/Plan

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