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Department of Teaching and Learning

We offer programs to support teaching professionals throughout their careers. Our faculty train teachers across curricula and educational levels, preparing them to make a difference in a variety of classrooms, from preschool through secondary and for students with special needs.

In addition to teaching, our graduates are studying curricula and theories, making advances that help teachers and students everywhere.

Guiding Statement


The Department of Teaching and Learning Community is committed to preparing skilled, knowledgeable, and reflective educational professionals who value the search for truth and freedom of thought and expression. We also strive to create diverse and inclusive spaces, and act ethically in all our endeavors. 

As professionals, educators, and lifelong learners, these values are inherent in our teaching, research, and service in the following ways:

  • Building trusting relationships with students, communities, and constituents with whom we collaborate and serve.
  • Developing and teaching courses that include effective and innovative practices reflecting changes in our respective disciplines. 
  • Providing professional development to current and future practitioners working in varied learning environments. 
  • Engaging the broader field of education across a variety of learning environments and professional contexts. 
  • Sharing the results of our research for the development of sound educational policies and practices.
  • Preparing culturally responsive and globally competent professionals for the future. 

Degrees & Programs

Education Honor Society

FIU's chapter of Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society organizes events and services to support an energetic, diverse community of scholar-educators.


Upcoming events will be posted here.