Graduate Certificate in Grades 6-12 Mathematics Teaching

This program enables teachers to extend their competence in teaching 6-12 grade mathematics. It will deepen their understanding of mathematics content, problem-solving and reasoning, as well their knowledge of ways of teaching mathematics to grade 6-12 students from diverse and minority backgrounds. Completion of the certificate will better prepare teachers for working in secondary schools.

This certificate program is open to non-degree-seeking students only.

  • Courses
    • MAE 5382 Number Systems, Rational Numbers, and Operations for Teaching in Secondary School (3)
    • MAE 6337 Algebra, Statistics and Probability for Teaching in Secondary School (3)
    • MAE 6381 Proportional Reasoning, Geometry and Measurement for Teaching in Secondary School (3)
    • MAE 6336 Teaching Mathematics in the Secondary School (3)
    • MAE 5945 Practicum: Mathematics Education (3)

    For more information, consult the Graduate Catalog.

  • Application

    Certificate applicants should complete the form below and submit to the department for approval. Approved certificate applications will be forwarded to the Registrar for processing.

    Graduate Certificate Application