The Applied Mathematics Research Program for Undergrads is an REU site lead by Professor Svetlana Roudenko and Professor Stephen Tennenbaum. The AMRPU hosts undergraudates interested in pursing reseach in mathematics and statistics. The program has fostered studies in partial differential questions, graph theory, and many more.
  • SiGMA

    The Students in Graduate Mathematics Association is a student organization led by President Justin Wisby which operates with the goal of making mathematics more accessible. Hosting both academic and recreational activites, SiGMA aims to help all aspiring mathematicians and math enthusiasts, even those outside the graduate program.
  • Directed Reading Program

    The Directed Reading Program is a way to expose undergraduate math majors to upper level mathematics with the help of a graduate student mentor. The two students work through papers and books to better understand difficult topics. The DRP is lead by graduate students Alex Rodriguez and Jose Medel.

    Applications open every semester. 

  • FIU Math Club

  • Careers in Mathematics and Statistics

  • CASE News Opportunities

Faculty and Staff

  • Seminars

    Every semester the faculty and graduate students host seminars to help expose others to new ideas in various fields of mathematics. These seminars include discussion components to establish a deeper understanding of the material. 
  • Job Statistics

    A degree in mathematics is a very powerful asset. This showcases what others have accomplished with a mathematics degree.