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This program allows undergraduates to participate in research programs in various areas of applied mathematics with applications in other scientific disciplines. In a cooperative, grade-free learning environment, students will learn analytical and computational methods for real-life applications. They will be well-prepared for rigorous graduate studies at the interface of mathematics and science.
Support: A stipend, housing and travel assistance are available to participants. 

Summer 2023: June 5th - July 28th 2023

Information for incoming students: Nonlocal students arrive on June 4th and depart on July 29th. Lodging provided to nonlocal students at University Towers.

Proposed Topics: Differential equations, Numerical Analysis, Fourier analysis, Nonlinear waves, Environmental Math, Math Biology, Financial Mathematics, Machine Learning, Combinatorics/Graph Theory

Department News Article about the program.


Summer 2022: May 23 - July 17, 2022

Topics: Differential equations, Numerical analysis, Fourier analysis, Complex Analysis, Math Biology, Nonlinear waves, Algebraic Topology, Graph Theory, Environmental Economics, Financial Mathematics, Machine Learning

FIU News article about the AMRPU.

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Summer 2021: May 30 - July 24, 2021

Topics: Differential equations, Numerical analysis, Fourier analysis, Math Biology, Nonlinear waves, Algebraic Topology, Financial Mathematics, Machine Learning, Control Theory, Mathematics of Politics

2021 CaseNews article regarding the program.



  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Have completed sophomore year and at least two semesters of calculus
  • Major in mathematics, statistics, or a science with a strong mathematics background
  • Have health insurance
  • Minorities and women are strongly encouraged to apply


 The application includes:

  • Unofficial university transcript(s)
  • A personal statement of about 500 words explaining why you are applying, your research interests and your career goals
  • A faculty recommendation letter, emailed to

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