Directed Reading Program

The Directed Reading Program’s goal is to introduce undergraduates to research and advanced topics in mathematics, while also giving them a collaborative environment where they can practice their skills as researchers through study and presentations. Each undergraduate (or undergraduate pair) is teamed with a graduate student who is well versed in the field or topic being covered. Over the course of the semester the team will meet weekly preparing a presentation, manuscript, or paper on an agreed topic to be completed by the end of the semester. This opportunity not only facilitates undergraduate research and their preparation for graduate studies, but gives graduate students experience in teaching and mentoring.


The Directed Reading Program is a great opportunity for those students who are interested in pursuing higher education in mathematics and related fields beyond the bachelor's level. Students will also gain valuable experience in math research and presentations. Undergraduate students will be given guidance applying to graduate programs or possible career paths in related fields post-graduation. Apart from the academic benefits, the DRP solidifies our mathematics community here at FIU by creating a strong social network between graduate and undergraduate students.

Current Projects

The projects are picked between a graduate mentor and the undergraduate mentee(s) after
groups are decided. Possible project topics include:

  • Machine learning
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Financial mathematics
  • Fourier analysis and wavelets
  • and more...

Project topics are decided by the interest of all parties. We are always considering new ideas and topics to investigate.

Mentee Applications

The beginning of each semester, undergraduate applications will open. The application will require some information about the applicant, such as GPA, major, math courses taken etc.

There are no official pre-requisite requirements, however, it is helpful for the student to have completed Calculus 1 - 3, and have at least some knowledge of mathematical proofs.

Undergraduate application


The mentors will usually be graduate students (it is possible that some are postdoctoral mentors), and graduate student applications will be available all-year round.

Graduate mentor application

Contact Information

Graduate Student Leads

Faculty Lead

Dr. Roudenko