These literary finds will open your imagination

With the power to transport a reader to other places, times and dimensions, there's nothing like a good book.

  • Explore out-of-this-world stories

    The vastness of outer space has always sparked a sense of wonder in many people and has led some to dedicate their entire lives to understanding what makes our universe work.

  • Explore Everglades stories

    From ecological, historical and anthropological perspectives, the Everglades has sparked the literary imaginations of a range of writers looking to bring this tropical preserve to life for readers everywhere.

  • Explore holiday traditions around the world

    These cross-cultural reads to connect with those who mean the most to you, regardless of age or where they may be and no matter how you celebrate the holidays.

  • Explore narratives to cope with pandemic

    As the global pandemic continues to wind its course, taking refuge between the pages of a book might be one of the best ways to cope with an overwhelming amount of information and uncertainty.

  • Explore outbreak narratives

    FIU’s Center for Humanities in an Urban Environment hosted a public zoom discussion of Priscilla Wald’s book: “Contagious: Cultures, Carriers and the Outbreak Narrative.”