Home is the first learning laboratory. This series connects learners of all ages with the latest research and resources through self-guided experiences.

Built across three branches, FIU@Home connects experts from the nation’s fourth-largest public research university with the community to share simple ways to discover, explore and create - no matter where you are.


  • Kitchen Science

    There is no better STEM classroom than the kitchen. From chemistry to biology to physics and beyond, investigate the art and science behind culinary creations and everyday life.

  • The Universe

    The Stocker AstroScience Center research telescope gives stunning views of stars clusters, galaxies, planets, moons and more. Take a guided journey through celestial images and find more ways to explore the cosmos.

  • Aquarius Resurfaced

    Aquarius Reef Base - the world’s only undersea laboratory - has supported more than 120 missions since 1993. Dive in to see what past research teams learned and experienced, and find new ways to get involved.


  • Your Backyard

    There’s so much waiting to be found right outside your door. In the yard or around the neighborhood, go on an expedition to complete missions grounded in the science that exists all around us.

  • The World

    All over the globe, researchers are investigating important questions and uncovering new discoveries. From the comfort of the couch join them on virtual field trips to the furthest corners of the earth and be part of the team.

  • Books

    With the power to transport a reader to other places, times and dimensions, there's nothing like a good book. No matter the topic or the age, there is a read to guide, inspire and enthrall.


  • Stories

    Within every person there is a narrative waiting to be told. From non-fiction narrative to fictional escape, get inspired to pen a tale or poem no one else can.

  • Something New

    Whether repurposed, recycled or reimagined, there are many ways to make something unique to solve a problem or enhance the world.

  • Experiments

    It all starts with a question. Follow a guide or develop something new to ask a question that has never been answered before.

Get Involved

Want to collaborate? We want to work together to introduce general audiences to resources and activities related to key FIU programs. Here are some of the ways we join forces to have the broadest impact. 

  • Develop activities based on your research
  • Share resources aligned to your expertise
  • Showcase an event or opportunity