FIU@Home: Explore outbreak narratives

Written by Daniel Mannina
April 6, 2020

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A new book — "Contagious: Cultures, Carriers and the Outbreak Narrative

Books are a tool to help communities understand and navigate historical moments. With South Florida, and the world, under quarantine it’s vital to be informed and prepared. FIU’s Center for Humanities in an Urban Environment hosted a public zoom discussion of Priscilla Wald’s book: “Contagious: Cultures, Carriers and the Outbreak Narrative.”


Wald explores outbreaks from a historical perspective. The Duke professor provides context to the psychological responses that occur at the individual and group levels. Hosted by the center’s director – Phillip Carter – the interactive discussion focused on understanding the best ways to act, react and become proactive

“We were motivated to put this lecture together for two reasons. First, people are home and quarantined, and need stimulating content. We can provide that. And second, people are getting bombarded with facts, numbers and projections, but without much guidance on what to do with it. Professor Wald’s talk will help guide the way,” Carter said.


With the power to transport a reader to other places, times and dimensions – there is nothing like a good book. No matter the topic or the age, there is a read to guide, inspire and enthrall. Follow FIU@Home for more new books.