Something New

Turn something old into something new

Whether repurposed, recycled or reimagined, there are many ways to make something unique to solve a problem or enhance the world.

  • Create a holiday crime scene diorama

    The vastness of outer space has always sparked a sense of wonder in many people and has led some to dedicate their entire lives to understanding what makes our universe work.

  • Create crypto-valentines

    FIU alumnus Scott Cunningham, founder of O, Miami celebrates the Magic City through poetry ZIP odes.

  • Create soup can planters

    This holiday season get back to the basics with upcycling — the age old tradition of turning something old into something new.

  • Create a bug costume

    No matter how you celebrate Halloween, having a unique and creative disguise is an annual challenge for many. This year, consider thinking smaller (a lot smaller) and take a cue from some of nature’s creepiest, crawliest creatures — bugs.

  • Create a food chain mobile

    Explore marine animal interactions and how ocean food chains work with this fun, interactive activity!

  • Create an indoor fort

    Learn how to build your own indoor fort!
  • Create a budget

    At any stage in life, it’s important to budget. Learn how to spend your money on what matters most and make a daily guide to prioritize essentials.

  • Create Plarn

    Give those used, plastic grocery or restaurant bags a second life as a neat bracelet.