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College of Arts, Sciences & Education

We're developing solutions to the greatest challenges of our time while training the next generation of leaders, innovators and educators. Faculty and students are working with decision makers on every level to understand and address the problems our communities face.

Students First

As FIU's largest college, we prepare students across the university to be engaged citizens equipped to identify the approaches needed to preserve and advance the intellectual, cultural and civic lives of people around the world.

Help Prevent Another Lost Bird

The Lost Bird Project by Todd McGrain documents the extraordinary effort to place a series of public memorials for birds driven to extinction in modern times. We are in the verge of having yet another lost bird, the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow. Support the efforts of the Tropical Conservation Institute and the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation as they create a high-impact sparrow program aimed at preventing the extinction of the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow.


Workshops & Mini Camps

From Teacher Planning Day Workshops for children ages 5 and up to a Spring Break STEM camp and summer camp for youth 4-13 years of age, CASE offers many opportunities for youth to exercise their critical thinking, social skills and creativity while building their self-esteem.