Sustainable Cities and Communities 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals provide a framework to turn global ambitions into local action. Florida International University is ranked No. 8 in the world for positive impact on Sustainable Cities and Communities according to the 2024 Times Higher Education Impact Rankings.

At Florida International University, our faculty, students and staff are focused on sustainable living, disaster-risk reduction, equality, arts and heritage, climate change and environmental resilience to foster more Sustainable Cities and Communities.

We have the experts, the location and the collaborative spirit to solve big problems. If we create solutions here, we can transfer that knowledge and make a huge impact that will last for lifetimes.

Dr. Mike Heithaus, Executive Dean, FIU College of Arts, Sciences & Education

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Florida International University researchers are working across all targets set by the United Nations General Assembly in Sustainable Development Goal 11 to support and foster sustainable cities and communities all across the world.

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11.1 Ensure access to basic services

Across disciplines, FIU researchers are studying housing disparities, financing challenges, effects of housing reform, health effects of people living in slums and post-disaster reconstruction. Learn more about FIU's efforts to help ensure adequate, safe and affordable housing and basic services.

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11.2 Improve transport systems

From driver safety to improved public transit systems, FIU is providing the research to improve access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all. Find out more on FIU's efforts to improve transport systems.

11.3 Foster inclusive and sustainable urbanization

From land-use planning to innovations in urban infrastructure, FIU researchers are working across the physical, natural and social sciences to foster inclusive and sustainable urbanization. Learn more about FIU's efforts to foster inclusive and sustainable urbanization.

11.4 Safeguard cultural and natural heritage

From UNESCO World Heritage Sites to historic artifacts, folklore and languages, FIU is working to preserve and promote the cultural and natural heritages of diverse communities throughout the world. Find out more on FIU's efforts to safeguard cultural and natural heritage.

11.5 Reduce risks of natural disasters

From fast-moving cyclones to the slow-moving threat of sea level rise, FIU is a global leader for solutions-centered research across disciplines and covering all aspects of natural disasters including climate change, hurricanes, earthquakes, heat waves, cold spells, droughts, floods, sinkholes, wildfires and more. Learn more about FIU's efforts to reduce risks of natural disasters.

11.6 Reduce adverse environmental impacts

Air quality initiatives, water quality management and solid waste management are key areas of focus for FIU researchers. We are working to improve environmental conditions and reduce the adverse effects of environmental impacts on people. Find out more on FIU's efforts to reduce adverse environmental impacts.

11.7 Ensure access to open spaces

FIU faculty and students specialize in the design and research of landscape architecture, land reclamation, outdoor recreation, urban tree canopies and vegetation, urban farming and neighborhood greenness to foster greater access to green spaces. Learn more about FIU's efforts to ensure access to open spaces.

11. a-c Support sustainable urbanization

As the state of Florida's University of Distinction for Environmental Resilience, FIU is working with governments and community organizations to develop and implement solutions-centered initiatives focused on Sustainable Cities and Communities. Find out more on FIU's efforts to ensure access to basic services.

Degree Programs

Across atmospheric, earth and environmental sciences, FIU prepares students for meaningful careers in sustainability that protect and preserve vital natural resources. In civil and environmental engineering, students focus on infrastructure and quality of life. FIU also offers degrees in global sustainable tourism, politics and international relations, public administration and other related fields. We equip our students with the knowledge and skills needed to find solutions for Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Featured Degree Programs

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Global Learning for Global Citizenship

FIU’s Global Learning initiative provides a foundation for students to create innovative, equitable, and sustainable solutions for our interconnected human and natural communities.

Every FIU undergraduate student is required to take at least two Global Learning courses as part of their degree program. FIU offers 268 courses to fulfill this requirement, all focused on global, sustainable and responsible citizenship. 

Learn more about FIU Global Learning