Clean Water and Sanitation 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals provide a framework to turn global ambitions into local action. At Florida International University, faculty, students and staff are addressing clean water, sanitation and hygiene as well as management strategies for sustainable development. FIU's Institute of Environment works in partnership with nonprofits, government institutions and private organizations on initiatives across the globe to help ensure everyone has access to Clean Water and Sanitation.


"The university is a neutral place where all minds can come together and present information without weighing in on a particular interest. An additional benefift that FIU brings is the science and the opportunities to be involved in real-life laboratories." 


Dr. Maria C. Donoso
Director of FIU International Water Programs and Chairholder of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Water Security

Our Impact

As the State of Florida’s University of Distinction in Environmental Resilience, FIU is providing the science for a healthier and more sustainable planet. In the Next Horizon 2025 Strategic Plan, we have furthered our commitment to green building, water conservation and waste minimization to reduce our ecological footprint. We are working in our communities. And we are working all across the world to help ensure clean water and sanitation for all.

  • In the World

    FIU has delivered clean water, sanitation and hygiene solutions to countries throughout the world while also conducting research to protect water quality and water security. Find out more about our research in the world.

  • Student collecting water sample

    In the Community

    Our goal is to inspire the next generation and engage the greater South Florida community in the solutions-based work at FIU to help create a more sustainable future. Find out more about our engagement in the community.

  • Students on FIU campus by the water

    On Campus

    As a university community, we apply best practices to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation on our campuses. Find out more about our on campus efforts. 

Clean Water and Sanitation

FIU is working across all targets set by the United Nations General Assembly in Sustainable Development Goal 6 to deliver solutions for clean water, sanitation and hygiene for people all across the world.

kids getting water

6.1 Ensuring access to drinking water

FIU has delivered clean water solutions to places throughout the world including Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, Latin America, and the Caucasus through initiatives funded by USAID. Our International Water Programs provide water management services to people and ecosystems through infrastructure improvements, education, integrated water management policies and research. Find out more on FIU's efforts to ensure access to drinking water. 

child washing hands with bucket of water

6.2 Improving sanitation and hygiene

FIU has delivered sanitation and hygiene solutions to countries throughout the world including Ghana, Mali, Niger, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burkina Faso and Mozambique through initiatives supported by USAID. These efforts included a particular focus on gender equality and the responsibilities women in developing countries often shoulder, including promoting healthy hygiene practices within their families. Find out more on FIU's efforts to improve sanitation and hygiene.

scientists in the Everglades

6.3 Protecting water quality

FIU scientists, through research and action, are preventing and reducing water pollution of all kinds including nutrient, plastics and microplastics, PFAS forever chemicals, oil and industrial contaminants, pharmaceuticals, and other debris. With a campus on Biscayne Bay and one on the edge of the Florida Everglades, protecting and preserving water quality is a way of life at FIU. Find out more on FIU's effort to protect water quality. 

Donoso giving presentation

6.4 Improving water security

The UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Water Security in FIU’s Institute of Environment is charged with bringing together research and education to address regional, national and global water security issues, through innovative interdisciplinary research and partnerships for sustainability. Find out more on FIU's efforts to improve water security.

Todd Crowl giving presentation

6.5 Implement integrated water resources management

FIU has delivered clean water, sanitation and hygiene solutions to countries throughout the world for more than a decade. FIU has focused on low-cost solutions, community engagement and government collaborations to help improve water management practices along with healthier and more sustainable communities. Find out more on FIU's efforts to implement integrated water resources management.

Scientist working in the Everglades

6.6 Protect and restore ecosystems

In collaboration with local and international partners, FIU research has led to expanded protections for endangered species and adaptive management of freshwater, coastal and marine resources. Find out more on FIU's efforts to protect and restore ecosystems. 

Anderson and community

6.a-b Supporting communities

FIU is more than a top research institution. Our researchers are committed to putting their work into action. The International Water Programs in the Institute of Environment are focused on improving the lives of people in developing countries, empowering communities and protecting water resources for all. Find out more on FIU's efforts to supporting communities.