Our program provides a rich and diverse setting for research and scholarly activities. Faculty and students take the lead in knowledge development that addresses emerging basic developmental issues as well as pressing social problems. We are productive in research and successful in attracting grant funding.

Group photo of Developmental Science program members

Faculty Spotlight

Asia Eaton was named a 2020 Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Fellow in recognition of outstanding contributions to the psychological study of social issues and to SPSSI.


Alumni By Graduation Decade

Brittany Boyd (2022)
Major Professor: Leslie Frazier
Dissertation: Perceptions and risk: The role of education, body image, partner availability, and condom negotiation on educated Black women's sexual risk-taking behaviors

Claire Helpingstine (2022)
Major Professor: Dionne Stephens
Dissertation: Sex trafficking in India: The role of formal and informal support providers

Nelcida Garcia (2022)
Major Professor: Shannon Pruden
Dissertation: Understanding the home spatial environment
Position: Program Evaluation Associate, Harlem Children's Zone

Yanet Ruvalcaba (2021)
Major Professor: Asia Eaton
Dissertation: Cyber dating abuse victimization among emerging adult Latina women
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, CDC

Alexa Barton (2021)
Major Professor: Dionne Stephens
Dissertation: Emerging adult college students' perceptions of immigrants
Position: Research Scientist, WestEd

Elizabeth Edgar (2021)
Major Professor: Lorraine Bahrick
Dissertation: Infant & child multisensory attention skills: Methods, measures, & language outcomes
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale 

Ana Lucia Rodriguez (2021)
Major Professor: Dionne Stephens
Dissertation: Adolescent social networks and violence in rural Colombia
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale

John Pablo Currea (2021)
Major Professor: Robert Lickliter
Dissertation: The developmental plasticity of fruit fly vision
Position: Postdoctral Fellow, University of California, Los Angeles

Elsa Bravo (2021)
Major Professor: Dionne Stephens
Dissertation: The development of reward processing and risky behavior in the brain
Position: Coordinator Statistical Research II, FIU 

Vanessa Vieites (2021)
Major Professor: Shannon Pruden
Dissertation: Examining the development of hippocampal-dependent cognition in young children: Neuroimaging and behavioral approaches
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Rutgers

Michelle Ramos (2021)
Major Professor: Erica Musser
Dissertation: The development of reward processing and risky behavior in the brain
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Penn State

Emily Boeving (2020)
Major Professor: Eliza Nelson
Co-Major Professor: Robert Lickliter
Dissertation: Social processes through the lens of network science in spider monkeys
Position: Lecturer, University of Central Arkansas and Adjunct Lecturer, Florida International University

Dea Garic (2020)
Major Professor: Anthony Dick
Dissertation: Development of Prefrontal Structure and Connectivity in Typical Children and Children with ADHD: Association with Language and Executive Function
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill