BA in Psychology

Our Bachelor of Arts in Psychology offers excellent training in how to understand human behavior using scientifically rigorous methods. The program reflects current trends in the field of psychology through its emphasis on the science of psychology, integrated via the research sequence, and through the inclusion of recent trends in psychological theory and practice, such as child psychopathology, environmental psychology and legal psychology.

Students focus in one of six key subdisciplines: Cognitive/Neuroscience, Social, Applied, Clinical/Personality, Developmental or the Industrial-Organizational Track. Students have a variety of opportunities to become directly involved in ongoing research, participate in our active student organizations, and conduct their own studies through our research labs.

A degree in Psychology provides a solid foundation of knowledge applicable to such fields as business, education, law, medicine and social work.

An Online BA in Psychology is also available.

Applied Behavior Analysis Track

The Applied Behavior Analysis Track is for students who are interested in applying the principles of behavior analysis to a wide array of socially significant behaviors, such as by working with individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Students who complete the ABA track will meet the degree and coursework requirements to sit for the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) exam upon graduation. There are additional requirements for certification, including supervised field work; please visit for more information.

Students who are interested in pursuing graduate education in behavior analysis should also strongly consider joining the track in order to strengthen their graduate application. Students completing this track will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge by developing a complete treatment plan as part of their senior seminar course, preparing them to enter the workforce ready to implement highly ethical and effective behavioral interventions.

Industrial-Organizational Psychology Track

This track is for students interested in applying the principles of psychology to workplace issues. Students completing this track will be able to work with organizations in designing selection systems, validating performance assessment systems, and developing and delivering training programs. They will also be able to work with consulting companies that design and market selection and training programs. Students will also be competent for managing leadership development programs; talent management, especially High Potential (HIPO) programs; and occupational health and safety initiatives.

Combined BA in Psychology/Master of Public Administration Pathway

The Combined BA/MPA Pathway is designed for outstanding undergraduate students. It provides a strong base of knowledge and skills in psychology, while also accelerating completion of the NASPAA-accredited Master of Public Administration program. Students may take advantage of the overlap of courses in the two programs to receive their MPA degree in less time. Consult the Undergraduate Catalog for requirements.

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