PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience

Our Doctor of Philosophy in Cognitive Neuroscience trains students to become experts in the study of the neuroscience of cognition and behavior. Students explore the neurobiology of cognition with developmental, cognitive and clinical neuroscience researchers in the areas of sensorimotor behavior and perception, language, memory, executive function and substance abuse.

Our program offers comprehensive training from an internationally recognized faculty. The rigorous academic program prepares students for research careers at research institutes, at public and private universities, or in non-academic settings.

We maintain a strong emphasis on learning basic neuroanatomy and physiology, cognitive neuroscience research methodologies (including MRI, TMS, EEG and other electrophysiological measures), and analytic skills and neural bases of psychology and psychopathology.


 Announcing the 2023 Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Award Winners!

Outstanding PhD Student in Cognitive Neuroscience: M. Vanessa Rivera N.
Outstanding BS Student in Behavioral Neuroscience: Lohane Moreira Da Costa
Best Dissertation in Cognitive Neuroscience: Dr. Lauren Bowen (CN class of 2023)
Best Presentation in the CN Series: Marilyn Curtis