MS in Psychology: Organizational Sciences

Our Master of Science in Psychology with a major in Organizational Sciences prepares students to be successful managers and I-O psychology practitioners who can design and implement strategies that impact organizational effectiveness and increase productivity within the workplace. With a curriculum grounded in industrial and organizational psychology, students learn to implement and evaluate workplace practices based on scientific evidence.

This 36-credit, cohort-based, fixed-cost program can be completed in just four semesters. Students learn to:

  • Tackle the challenges of a changing workplace
  • Create more competitive workplaces and engaged employees
  • Work in a growing and in-demand field with employment opportunities in including organizational development, human resources and talent management, and more
  • Shape organizational strategy
  • Understand how data drives business decisions

The program includes internships with local organizations; personalized student support and advising; and hassle-free registration throughout the program.

Our program is committed to actively promoting student success by engaging in actions that make all students feel valued, respected, seen and heard in classroom instruction and research endeavors. The program emphasizes a learning environment that encourages respectful discourse and sharing of ideas. We abide by APA code of ethics, particularly the principles of “justice” and “respect for people’s rights and dignity.

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