Plagiarism Tutorial and Quiz

Welcome to the School of Education and Human Development Tutorial on Plagiarism at Florida International University.

Given that plagiarism is a very serious problem in today's educational institutions in the U.S., it is of utmost importance both to guide students on the ways to prevent it and to make them aware of the consequences if they do not follow the rules of copyright. The Internet has increased the risks of plagiarism as it is easier to copy information directly from a website and submit it as one's own. As long as students understand that correct attribution to others' work or ideas is the basic and simple principle of plagiarism, the incidence should be reduced.

Purpose and Content of Tutorial

The purpose of the tutorial is to be a preventive tool by teaching students the fundamentals of plagiarism, offering examples of the different types of plagiarism and how to recognize them, presenting strategies to avoid accidental plagiarism, and explaining the policies at Florida International University in relation to this issue.

The tutorial also offers a comprehensive research guide for students to read further on the topic. Students can always ask their instructors for additional clarifications and feedback.

Learning Objectives

  • The learners will recognize if plagiarism has occurred by analyzing examples of texts and distinguishing the correct versions from the plagiarized ones.
  • The learners will identify the techniques to avoid plagiarism like quotation, paraphrasing, and summarizing presented in this tutorial.
  • The learners will define plagiarism according to the examples presented in this tutorial.
  • The learners will recognize the elements involved in plagiarism by comparing original materials with the students' versions of those materials.
  • The learners will interpret the FIU policies on plagiarism by indicating the sanctions of the university on that topic.
  • The learners will recognize the types of plagiarism by categorizing examples.


The tutorial will guide you in the adequate order to be followed. However, you can always return to a particular section.

Tutorial Sections

  1. Definition
  2. Types of Plagiarism - As a way to reinforce your instructor's discussion on plagiarism and the content of this tutorial, we have included an adaptation of an excellent detailed description of plagiarism which The Division of Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Texas at Austin uses on their web site. The different types of plagiarism addressed in this tutorial are:
    • Word-for-Word
    • Insufficient Acknowledgement
    • Visual Materials
    • Paraphrasing
    • Common Knowledge
  3. Other Types of Plagiarism
  4. How to Avoid Plagiarism
    • Quotations
    • Paraphrasing
    • Summarizing
  5. FIU and Plagiarism
    • Academic Misconduct
    • If Plagiarism Occurs
    • Disciplinary Actions
  6. Research Guide
  7. Sources of Information