Graduate Student Appreciation Fall 2023: Jose Medel

Authored on August 28th, 2023 by Justin Wisby.

Jose Medel

Jose Medel from the AMRPU@FIU 2022

This semester, we want to celebrate our graduate student, Jose Medel, a shining example of academic excellence and community involvement. Jose, originally an alumnus of Florida International University (FIU), has continued to make his alma mater proud as he pursues his Ph.D. in Mathematics with a focus on differential geometry. Currently in the dissertation phase of his degree, he is working under the esteemed guidance of Professors Anna Fino and Gueo Grantcharov. Their collaborative research promises to make significant contributions to the field, and Jose is poised to graduate within the next year.

Not only is Jose an exceptional researcher, but he is also deeply committed to mentorship and education. For several years, he has been a mentor for the Applied Mathematics Research Program for Undergrads (AMRPU), an REU site at FIU. Here, he has guided young minds through the complexities of differential geometry and algebra, providing them with invaluable hands-on experience. His ability to break down complex topics into understandable concepts has made him a beloved figure among students.

Jose's talents have not gone unnoticed beyond the walls of FIU. This past summer, he presented his research at an international conference in Bulgaria, showcasing his work to a global audience of mathematicians and scholars. The conference served as a platform for him to share his insights and also to engage with other experts in his field, further enriching his own understanding and perspective.

Back on home turf, Jose was a featured presenter at the Subtropical Symposium for Upcoming Mathematicians, held at FIU in May of this year. The symposium gathered some of the brightest young minds in mathematics, and Jose's presentation was met with enthusiasm and acclaim. His ability to communicate complex ideas with clarity makes him not just a great mathematician, but also an excellent educator.

In addition to his research and mentorship roles, Jose has been a dedicated Teaching Assistant for many years. His commitment to education is evident in the way he interacts with students, always going the extra mile to ensure they grasp the material. His teaching evaluations are a testament to his effectiveness and popularity as an educator. Gia Azcotia, an undergraduate student that has worked with Jose, had this to say "Jose has been one of the brightest minds i’ve known and i’m extremely excited to see him continue his mathematical career!"

But Jose isn't stopping there. Alongside Justin Wisby, he is in the process of restarting the Directed Reading Program (DRP) at FIU. This program allows undergraduates to work closely with graduate students to delve into advanced material that goes beyond the standard curriculum. It's another feather in his cap, showcasing his commitment to fostering a rich educational environment.

In every role he takes on, Jose exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding student, researcher, and mentor. His contributions to both the academic community and to FIU are immeasurable. As he prepares to graduate and take the next step in his promising career, we can only expect more great things from him. We appreciate you, Jose.