Program Packages

Our programs can be combined for maximum impact and excitement. By combining related concepts and activities, these interactive programs help educators reinforce standards-driven curricula and fill learning gaps.

Scout troops, libraries and communities can empower curious explorers of all ages to chart their own course as they master STEAM concepts and encounter real FIU research.

When booking any of the below packages, you receive 10% off a field trip experience, plus additional incentives for participating in our education assessments.

Get Physical (Science)

From atoms to exoplanets, discover how the building blocks of matter - both seen and unseen - interact to create our world and beyond. Then, use physics and the engineering design process to put yourself in the shoes of those who explore it.

Virtual: $665
In-Person: $850

ABCs & 123s (English + Math)

Practice mathematical analyses that have helped our researchers solve real-world challenges. Then, combine these case studies with technical and creative writing skills for expressing ideas and driving change.

Virtual: $800
In-Person: $1,000

Science Mystery Theater

Learn how experts "crack the codes," from DNA sequences to alphanumeric ciphers, to better understand our planet's greatest mysteries. Then, apply these interdisciplinary concepts to break free from our virtual forensics escape room.

  • Crypto Lab
  • Journal Earth
  • DNA Lab

Virtual: $600
In-Person: $750

Biology Package

Using a range of investigative tools, including dissection kits, microscopes and even human hands, identify and classify animal species and the biological adaptations that allow them to survive in their habitats.

Virtual: $800
In-Person: $1,000

Conservation Station

Connect global conservation efforts with FIU data and research techniques from Miami to Madagascar. From citizen science to animal-borne cameras and human/wildlife management plans, cultivate the tools to keep our natural resources and ecosystems in balance.

Virtual: $600
In-Person: $750