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  • The University Learning Center is in GL 120. If you go and there are tutors available, you will get immediate help. Otherwise, you will have to make an appointment. The phone number is 305-348-2180. For those of you living closer to the Biscayne Bay Campus, the Math Lab there is in ACI 160 and the phone number is 305-919-5927.
  • Tutoring is available to all students through the Multicultural Programs and Services office in GC 216 or WUC 253. You may receive free tutoring, whether you are a minority or not, but by appointment only. The phone number of the MPAS office is 305-348-2436 or 305-919-5817, or you can call the Assistance for Academic Achievement Tutorial Office directly at 305-348-6425. You may visit the Tutorial Office at GC 267 or email them at