AMRPU@FIU 23 Mentors

Graduate Student Mentors

With special acknowledgement to Justin Wisby for all his help. 

  • Oleg Asipchuk

    I'm a Ph.D. student at Florida International University studying Applied Mathematics. During the last 13 years, I explored different parts of mathematics, from algebra to partial differential equations. Now, I am focusing on harmonic analysis. More specifically, I am trying to find an exponential basis for L^2 functions on different compact sets. Working with students as a mentor helps me to get different views on my research and find new friends and collaborators.
  • Ginelle Gonzalez

    My name is Ginelle Gonzalez and I’m a masters student in the PhD program here at FIU. I was born with an Arteriovenous Malformation which is why now my research interests are in math biology. I’ve mainly been working on modeling the population of tumor cells with nonlinear ordinary differential equations. In general though my favorite thing to do is teach mathematics. I very recently became a mother of a beautiful little girl and during my free time I love to read Stephen King novels and play video games.
  • Jose Medel

    I have a deep interest in geometry, and my PhD thesis research revolves around the fields of differential geometry, algebraic geometry, and algebraic topology. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity provided by the REU program at FIU, as it has allowed me to connect with exceptional undergraduate students and inspire them to pursue mathematics, specifically in the area of algebraic geometry. Characterizing mathematical objects is of paramount importance in the field of mathematics. In the realm of geometry, our focus is on capturing the essence of "form." In differential geometry, for instance, this pursuit takes the form of seeking out metrics with special properties over manifolds. These ideas find widespread applications in modern physics, ranging from general relativity to string theory.
  • Jorge Pazos

    I am currently a Ph.D. student entering candidacy. My interest in scientific research is a natural symptom of curiosity, beginning with the desire to understand physical reality and the human condition. From this follows the desire to understand the mathematical methods underlying physical theory. Although my current work for AMRPU@FIU regards the study of numerical schemes on stochastic PDEs, there are other topics which I hold in affection. These include topics in set theory, algebraic geometry and statistical learning theory.
  • Iryna Petrenko

    My name is Iryna Petrenko, and I started this journey pretty far from Math. In 2007 I received a bachelor degree in Control Engineering from Odessa National Academy of Telecommunications, Ukraine. In 2008 I completed my master degree in the same area and place. While working on the master thesis I had a few engineering problems and the solutions were done by applications of mathematical optimization. After graduation I decided to dedicate my life to mathematics and science. I got an Instructor position at the Department of Computer Science. Working and continuing my research there I found that the mathematical methods of solution engineering problems are more interesting for me than the problems themselves. That is why I’m here. Now I’m working with PDE, in particular the Schrödinger type equations. This is the great pleasure and big honor to participate in REU as a graduate mentor and to be able to share my passion with other peers.
  • Yurrian Pierre-Boyer

    As a Miami native with an interest in mathematics, I studied at Florida International University and earned my bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Sciences (2019). Due to the Covid pandemic, I had to find employment to support my family before I could consider going to graduate school. During the break, I focused on understanding risk management, fluid dynamics, environmental sciences, and cryptography. The prestigious ESRM grant I am awarded allows me to start future research in saltwater intrusion and its environmental costs. To help adapt to it, I want to better understand the problem by tracking salinity changes over time in groundwater wells and surfaces water. This research will focus on mathematical models that better estimate these parameters. Not only will this provide a better picture of which areas are most vulnerable and improve mapping of where this is occurring, but I will try to incorporate mechanisms to better understand the most cost-effective measures that will help the community living in these areas.
  • Alex David Rodriguez

    My name is Alex David Rodriguez, a Ph.D. student at FIU interested in partial differential equations (PDE's). I am currently interested in the Schrödinger equation with combined nonlinearities and other dispersive PDE. My goal is to stay in academia and become a professor, as I enjoy mathematics research and mentoring students. During the semester I also aid in organizing the directed reading program which is like a semester-long mini-reu. With the REU and other activities the department and graduate students are organizing, I hope to see our math program grow and evolve. Aside from math and research, I spend time going out with friends and playing video games (like Overwatch)!
  • Luis Rodriguez

    I am a Ph.D. student in the Applied Mathematical Sciences program at FIU specializing in Frame Theory under the guidance of Professor Laura De Carli. I earned my Bachelors degree in Mathematics in 2010 and my Masters degree in Mathematical Sciences in 2012, both from FIU. It was a great experience to serve as a mentor for the frames group at the AMRPU@FIU.
  • Giancarlo Sanchez

    I'm Giancarlo Sanchez, a Ph.D. student at Florida International University, specializing in Applied Mathematics with a focus on machine learning techniques in quantitative finance for cryptocurrency markets. I've developed and enhanced data extraction models during my internship at Los Alamos National Laboratory and have led multiple NSF and NSA sponsored projects, making significant contributions to financial data analysis. At FIU, I've gained extensive teaching experience, instructing Calculus and leading seminars on quantitative trading and scientific computing. In addition to my academic pursuits, I have a strong proficiency in programming languages like Python and R Studio and advanced skills in data visualization tools. Beyond the world of mathematics and finance, I enjoy unwinding with video games and exploring new places. My future goal is to continue contributing to the exciting intersection of mathematics and finance.
  • Justin Wisby

    I am a Ph.D student entering candidacy within the next year. I am super excited to get away from course work and continue my research in domination theory. This is the second time as a mentor for the AMRPU@FIU and third year helping out. Away from mathematics research, I spend a lot of time programming and helping out where I can. I put both of those together to make the site, I wanted a place for students to easily find opprotunities that can enrich their mathematical journey. I try to ensure my skills are used for good, over evil, though, on occasion, I have written scripts to continue to do mathematics while I watch a movie or play games. After the REU, I get to head off to University of Wyoming to attend this year's GRWC and can hardly wait for that expereince!