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Cara Rockwell

Research Assistant Professor
Institute of Environment
International Center for Tropical Botany
Department of Earth and Environment


The majority of Cara’s research is centered on tree management and silviculture, including planted systems (e.g., urban agroforestry systems in Miami Dade County) and natural forest stands (e.g., lowland rainforest in Southwestern Amazonia and pine rockland in Everglades National Park). In particular, Cara strives to understand the factors underlying sustainable forest management systems, including anthropogenic drivers that influence timber and non-timber forest product (NTFP) production and other ecosystem services. To strengthen this research agenda, Cara has collaborated over the years with forest managers and NGO and government representatives in Southwestern Amazonia, and (more recently) NGO and governmental partners in Miami Dade County, providing a rich opportunity to engage in cross-disciplinary collaborations.


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