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Cara Rockwell

Research Assistant Professor
Institute of Environment
International Center for Tropical Botany
Department of Earth and Environment




EVR 1001: Introduction to Environmental Science

This course is designed to explore the interactions between humans and the environment, including our associations with climate, food and fiber production, water supply, and forest resources. Understanding these natural systems and the physical and social causes of adverse impacts will enable students to recognize our ecological footprint as well as develop strategies to mitigate these critical environmental problems. View EVR 1001 Syllabus

EVR 4934/5935: Special Topics: Food Forests

Food forests are resilient agroforestry systems characterized by multiple canopy layers of fruit and nut trees, nitrogen-fixing woody species, shrubs, vines, herbs, and perennial and annual crops. This traditional farming method results in a self-sustaining woodland habitat that can provide food, medicinal plants, and animal fodder, as well as promote other ecosystem services. The class reviews the ecological principles of food forests as sustainable agroecosystems and highlight the socioeconomic benefits of integrating forest gardening into the South Florida landscape. View EVR 4934/5935 Syllabus