• Semester 1: Fall (9 Credit Hours)
  • EVR 5320: Environmental Resource Management: The scientific and philosophical basis for the management of renewable and non-renewable energy, mineral, air,
    water, and biotic resources. Prerequisites: Graduate
    standing or permission of the instructor. best-course_2021.png
  • STA 6196: Statistics for Environmental Sciences: This course is an introduction to statistical data analysis. Selected topics from Descriptive statistics, sampling, estimation, nonparametric statistics, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, linear regression, logistic regression, and multiple regression are included in the course.
  • MMC 5655: Mass Communication and the Environment:  Communicating complex subjects to mass audiences involves understanding mass media and mediated communication, the skills associated with news media and strategic communication, as well as the techniques necessary to effectively inform, entertain, persuade or otherwise engage large audiences regarding environmental issues. This graduate level course is designed to bring theoretical principles and professional skills associated with mass communication and media together with environmental issues and themes. 

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