Student Teaching

Student teaching is the full-time capstone experience for all teacher candidates majoring in Initial Teacher Preparation Programs at FIU. The course provides multiple opportunities to demonstrate the competencies learned throughout the candidate’s degree program under the close supervision of an experienced teacher (cooperating teacher) and a university supervisor.

Student teaching lasts a full semester. After the initial orientation period, the student gradually assumes control of the cooperating teacher’s responsibilities for approximately 12 weeks. Student teachers follow the school district calendar to determine days of attendance and are expected to be in attendance all day, every school day, including teacher planning days.

Students in all secondary education majors may request placement during the fall and spring semesters. Student teaching placement is not available during the summer semester. 

FIU currently has contractual agreements with the Miami-Dade and Broward County school districts. All placements must be arranged through the Office of Clinical Experiences.

Apply for student teaching

  • Expectations

    Student teaching will allow you to integrate and apply knowledge, skills and dispositions acquired through your program and enable you to:

    • Create effective learning environments and experiences
    • Demonstrate content knowledge and the ability to convey this knowledge
    • Build expertise in curriculum planning and development
    • Implement curriculum and instructional practices appropriate for diverse learners
    • Differentiate instruction to meet the differing needs and diversity of students
    • Assess learners using multiple means or methods that align with learning objectives and accommodate varying levels of knowledge
    • Use a variety of culturally relevant materials, resources, and technologies to support learning and instruction
    • Develop a repertoire of classroom management strategies and techniques
    • Develop strong oral and written communication skills
    • Reflect upon and analyze your own teaching
    • Collaborate with your cooperating teacher, other teachers, and your students
    • Develop strong, supportive relationships with students and their families
    • Demonstrate professionalism and dependability
  • Preparing to Apply

    Qualifications to apply for student teaching

    • Overall GPA of 2.5 or higher.
    • Passing scores on the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) General Knowledge (GK) Test.
    • Admission to your degree program.
    • Be on track to complete all program coursework and college requirements prior to the student teaching semester.
    • Obtain required school district security verification.
  • Application Deadlines

    Submit application and supporting documents:

    Fall Student Teaching
    January 15 through March 1

    Spring Student Teaching
    May 15 through July 1

  • Application Process
    1. Complete and submit the student teaching online application and supporting documents.
    2. Submit the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) passing score report for all 4 parts of the General Knowledge (GK) Test. Unofficial scores are accepted.
    3. Submit a copy of the school district security clearance card (M-DCPS) or badge (BCPS).
    4. Attend mandatory meeting to discuss your application, evaluation and student teaching agreement. The meeting for fall internships is scheduled in March. The meeting for spring internships is scheduled in July.
    5. Submit the passing score report for the Professional Educator Exam and all sections of the appropriate Subject Area Exam (SAE) prior to the beginning of the student teaching semester.
  • Fingerprinting and Background Checks

    To comply with the Jessica Lunsford Act, all students completing field and clinical experiences in Florida must be fingerprinted and complete a background check. All requests for placements in Miami-Dade and Broward counties must be accompanied by the district’s required security clearance verification. As part of your student teaching application, you will be required to submit a picture of your valid security clearance card (M-DCPS) or badge (BCPS). Students will not be allowed entry to a school without the district’s required security verification.

    For information on how to obtain a security clearance card (M-DCPS) or badge (BCPS), please visit the Office of Clinical Experiences in ZEB 130 or call 305-348-2082.

  • FTCE Resources

    FIU has resources available to assist students preparing for FTCE exams.

Before you begin student teaching

  • Qualifications
    • Submission of the official Florida Teacher Certification Exams (FTCE) score report, showing passing scores on ALL exams, including SAE and Professional Education Exam.
    • Completion of all course work in your program. Any exceptions to this must be approved by the Director of Secondary Education.
    • Approval of your student teaching application.
  • Preparing for your student teaching semester
    1. Register in your assigned student teaching course section.
    2. Plan to attend three full days of mandatory orientation at the beginning of the semester.
    3. Once you receive your placement information, familiarize yourself with your assigned school.
    4. Contactand introduce yourself to your cooperating teacher.


  • Where can I find the student teaching application?

    Apply for student teaching at the Office of Clinical Experiences site.

  • I have not passed the Florida Teacher Certification Exams (FTCE). Can I still student teach?
    No. Passing scores on all sections of the General Knowledge Exam are required to apply for Student Teaching. Passing scores on the Professional Educator and Subject Area Exams are required to begin the internship.

    Earning passing scores on all FTCEs is a graduation requirement for all initial teacher preparation programs. We recommend that you take the GK exam when you reach 60 credits and the PEd and SAE in the semester before you student teach to stay on track for graduation.
  • When do I receive my student teaching placement?
    Placement information will be emailed to you a few days prior to the beginning of the student teaching semester.
  • What is the placement process?

    The Office of Clinical Experiences processes and evaluates your application for the semester for which you have applied. Once your application is approved, we contact local schools in or near the zip code area provided on your application and request a cooperating teacher in your discipline.

    Cooperating teachers volunteer to host a student intern in their classroom for a given semester. Once you are matched with a cooperating teacher, the Office of Clinical Experiences generates an internship agreement and sends it out to the school for the appropriate signatures. Once the agreement form is returned, signed by the cooperating teacher and principal, we notify you of your placement via email and provide you with your cooperating teacher’s contact information.

  • Will I be the only intern at my school?
    We try our best to place at least two interns at every school. This is helpful for students wishing to carpool as well as university supervisors who must travel to schools for observations and meetings.
  • Where will I student teach? Will I get to choose?
    We place student teachers in schools where we have formal arrangements and where we can be sure our teacher candidates will be given a professional and fulfilling experience. You may request a particular school or geographic location, and we try our best to meet these requests, but we cannot guarantee them. It is entirely up to schools whether they take a student teacher. All we can do is ask.
  • When can I register for my student teaching course?
    You can register for your student teaching course when you receive the notification email with your placement information. The email will include the name of your assigned university supervisor and his/her corresponding section of the course. You will need to register in your assigned supervisor’s course section. Notification emails are typically sent a few days before the beginning of the student teaching semester, prior to the registration deadline.
  • When will I meet my cooperating teacher?
    Once you receive your placement, you may contact your cooperating teacher and introduce yourself.
  • What is the role of my university supervisor?
    Each student teacher is assigned a university supervisor who provides support, guidance and feedback to the student teacher over the course of the student teaching semester. Supervisors visit and observe student teachers in their classrooms several times during the placement period. Supervisors document and discuss their observations with the student teacher after each classroom visit as part of the feedback and assessment process and are responsible for assigning the final grade for student teaching.
  • When will I meet my university supervisor?
    You will meet your university supervisor during the student teaching orientation.
  • Am I required to attend all three days of the student teaching orientation?
    Yes, the orientation is mandatory, and you must attend all three days, all day, so please mark your calendar as soon as you are notified of the orientation dates.
  • My residence during student teaching changed from what I originally put on my application. Can I change my placement ZIP code?
    Student teaching applications are submitted months in advance of the student’s placement. If you move, please remember to contact the Office of Clinical Experiences as soon as you can to update your ZIP code. Otherwise, you will be placed in or near the ZIP code you provided when you submitted your application. If you notify the Office of Clinical Experiences after your placement has been processed, we cannot guarantee a change of placement.
  • How many credits is student teaching?
    The number of credits varies by major.

    LAE 4942 English Education (6 credits)

    SCE 4944 Science Education (variable credit course 6-9 credits) — Science majors can decide how many credits they would like to enroll in.

    MAE 4942 Math Education (9 credits)

    SSE 4942 Social Studies Education (6 credits)
  • My scholarship requires full-time enrollment. Can I be considered a full-time student while student teaching?

    Students in their final semester will have the full-time requirement waived for certain types of aid.  To qualify you must (1) be in your final term of enrollment, (2) be enrolled at least half-time, and (3) be eligible to graduate at the end of the current semester based on your current enrollment. The grant(s) will be prorated based on your actual enrollment after the add/drop period. Please contact OneStop for questions about scholarships that require full-time enrollment.

  • Can I work during student teaching?
    Pursuing full-time employment is not recommended while student teaching. While many student teachers work part-time after 5pm during the week and on weekends, most will find it difficult to work and complete a successful internship simultaneously. Student teaching requires more time than the hours spent in a classroom, especially in planning, developing lessons and consulting with your cooperating teacher. Additionally, teaching (especially for beginners) is a very high-energy job. You may find yourself extremely tired at the end of each day.
  • What happens if I become sick or need personal time during student teaching?
    There are no “sick days” or “personal days” in student teaching. You are allowed up to 5 absences during your placement. All absences due to illness or personal issues must be made up during “Make-up Week” (the week after the last day of the required student teaching experience). If additional days are requested, you will need to schedule a meeting with the Director of Clinical Experiences and the Director of Secondary Education. Documentation may be required. You will need to notify your cooperating teacher and university supervisor before any anticipated absences and make the necessary arrangements to deliver your lesson plans and materials to your cooperating teacher. If you miss more than 5 days of your placement, without the required approval, your internship may be terminated.
  • Is student teaching a paid internship?
    No. Student teaching has traditionally been an unpaid experience.
  • Can I take another course while I’m student teaching?
    No. Student teaching is all-consuming of your time and energy. Taking courses while you are student teaching is a disservice to you and — more importantly — to your secondary students. For this reason, it is important that you work closely with your academic advisor to ensure that all your coursework is completed and that you pass all your FTCEs prior to your student teaching semester.
  • Is student teaching a graded internship?
    Yes, you will receive a letter grade at the end of the semester. Assigning the final grade for student teaching is the responsibility of the university supervisor. Your final grade will reflect your supervisor’s professional judgement of your overall performance during the semester and include consideration of input from your cooperating teacher.
  • If I withdraw my student teaching application this semester, do I have to complete a new application for a future semester?
    Yes. You must complete and submit a new application by the application deadline for the semester for which you are planning to student teach. You must notify the Office of Clinical Experiences immediately upon changing your plans.
  • Can I complete my student teaching at a school outside of Miami-Dade or Broward counties?
    Emergency or very critical circumstances will be considered for a student teacher to request an out of area placement (Florida counties other than Miami-Dade and Broward). This is due to a variety of problems related to interning in a different environment where teachers and supervisors are unfamiliar with FIU’s programs and policies. Out-of-state placements cannot be considered. Please contact the Director of Clinical Experiences for more information.


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