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As educators, the curricular process is vital to ensure the highest quality of teaching that embodies a standard of excellence across every classroom experience. Be informed about those processes, course policies, the Curriculum Committee and the Committee's responsibilities.

Professional Development


FIU Online provides pedagogical and technological tools as well as training for online professors to make curriculum accessible, engaging and effective for your students.

New Courses

The process of a course proposal, approval and implementation take about 2-3 business weeks. In the request form, be sure to include your department chair's email in the Supervisor Email space, so that they can get a copy of the request.

  1. Faculty submits online course proposal
  2. CASE conducts enrollment analysis
  3. CASE conducts pedagogical assessment
  4. FIU Online assigns Instructional Designer (ID)
  5. Faculty and ID Designer design course shell and content

Here are resources that will help guide you through the process.

If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Sanchez in the CASE Dean's Office.

Online Teaching Training and Standards

Want to be up-to-date with the best modes of online teaching?

Are your courses meeting QM standards?



Need Help Getting Started?

CASE provides support to point you in the right direction with your research questions and needs.

Contact Juan Lopez


Tech Support

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Get Involved

We offer many opportunities for our faculty and staff. We also love to hear about any opportunities you'd like to share that will benefit other faculty and staff as well as students and the community.