Science Communication & Storytelling Micro-Credential

There has never been a more important time for scientists to be able to communicate about their work and to engage publicly on the vital role that science plays in understanding and tackling the critical issues and challenges of our time.

It is impossible to imagine tackling climate change, ridding the ocean of plastics, or creating safe driverless cars without powerful communication on scientific topics. All genres of science, from climate, statistics, biology, conservation, to engineering, math, chemistry, geology are relevant to how we live and creating policy. The future of science depends on excellent communication and researchers’ ability to explain their work.

This class will provide the basis for developing science communication and storytelling skills for communicating environmental science to a general audience. Learner will be able to perform an oral and visual presentation, connecting the core competencies and key elements discussed during the course that reflects effective science communication as well as how these core competencies contributed to their overall personal and professional development.


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