At the core of our teaching and cutting-edge research, our research labs have contributed to the program’s growing national and international recognition. The labs are fundamental part of the program’s substantial contribution to knowledge development in both basic and applied areas. They provide hands-on experience for undergraduate and graduate students.

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Our faculty are accomplished in securing funding for their research.

  • National Institutes of Health

    ABCD-FIU: Pathways and mechanisms to addiction in Latino youth of South Florida
    (Co-PI: Dick / 1U01DA041156-01 / 2015-2020 /$12,689,357 total costs)

    Biosignatures of executive function and emotion regulation in young children with ADHD
    (Co-PI: Dick / 1R01MH112588-01A1 / 2017-2021 / $2,626,213 total costs)

    Biosignatures of executive function and emotion regulation in young children with ADHD Administrative Supplement
    (Co-PIs: Öztekin, Dick / 2019-2020 / $147,500 total costs)

    Early childhood behavioral and neurobiological profiles in the prediction of obesity: The role of self-regulation and the caregiving environment
    (Co-PI: Dick / 1R01DK119814 / 2018-2023 / $2,735,305 total costs)

    Individual differences in development of spatial skills: Role of hippocampal function and structure
    (Co-PIs: Pruden, Reeb-Sutherland / 1R01HD098152-01 / 2019-2024 / $1,975,458 total costs)

    Infant motor skill trajectories and language outcomes
    (PI: Nelson / 1R03HD097419-01 / 2019-2022 / $146,500 total costs)

    Intersensory processing, developmental trajectories, and longitudinal outcomes
    (PI: Bahrick / R01HD053776-11 / 2013-2024 / $616,908 total costs)

    Multisensory development: New measures and a collaborative database
    (PI: Bahrick / R01HD094803 / 2019-2024 / $638,966 total costs)

  • National Science Foundation

    Prenatal maternal determinants of neonatal social development
    (PI: Lickliter / BCS-1525371 / 2015-2019 / $575,000 total costs)

    RAPID: Leveraging the ABCD study to examine the effects of Hurricane Irma exposure: The Disaster and Youth, Neural, and Affective Maturation in Context (DYNAMIC) Study
    (Co-PI: Dick / BCS-1805645 / 2018-2019 / $180,000 total costs)

    RAPID: COVID-19 and sexual cyberviolence: Impact on general users and vulnerable populations
    (PI: Eaton / SaTC-2035686 / 2020-2021/ $194,360 total costs)

  • Other Funders

    Possible selves in midlife women: Toward a more diverse understanding of social and contextual factors related risk for disorder eating
    (PI: Frazier / 2022-2023 / $25,000 total costs)

    Undergraduate Internships in Nuclear Physics at FIU
    (Evaluator: Stephens / Department of Energy / 2021-2022 / $205,000 total costs)