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Department of Psychology

Welcome! FIU's psychology programs are designed to provide students with the theoretical knowledge and applied skills needed to become successful professionals in the field of psychology. We've gained national prominence for our outstanding faculty and programs that promote strong curricula, enhanced student engagement, and cutting-edge research, to better prepare the next generation of scholars.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs offer a variety of psychology tracks; some of our graduate tracks include clinical psychology, developmental psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, neuroscience psychology, and others. In addition to our core curriculum, we offer a variety of extracurricular activities such as workshops, seminars, and guest lectures that provide opportunities for students to connect with experts and FIU alumna. Our graduates are highly sought after by employers and are successful in a variety of fields, including academia, clinical practice, research, and public policy.

Our department is committed to actively promoting student success by engaging in actions that make all students feel valued, respected, seen and heard in classroom instruction and research endeavors. We recognize the moral imperative at the individual, group and system levels as we honor the APA code of ethics, particularly the principles of “justice” and “respect for people’s rights and dignity,” and embrace FIU’s commitment to fostering a climate of inclusion within a diverse community. We further pledge to work with students in an ongoing manner to translate these commitments into action, and to routinely evaluate their outcomes.

We welcome you to consider joining FIU Psychology, and invite you to explore the rest of our webpage to learn more about our program and how it can help you achieve your academic and professional goals.