Mathematics and Statistics Seminars and Colloquia

We host seminars and colloquia featuring experts from FIU and beyond and covering various disciplines in mathematics and statistics.

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Distinguished Lecturer Series

New in Spring 2023, the Distinguished Lecture Series is an esteemed event at our university, where we invite some of the world's most renowned mathematicians to give a series of lectures over a week-long period. These lectures offer a unique opportunity for students and faculty to gain insight into cutting-edge research and the latest developments in mathematics.

Our colloquia feature researchers from around the world sharing their accomplishments and insights. The main organizers of these seminars are Yanqiu Guo for Mathematics and Sneh Gulati for Statistics.

Colloquia are held Thursdays from 3:45 p.m to 4:45 p.m in DM 409A unless otherwise specified.

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