Risk Analysis and Management Program

This track will consist of 12 one-semester three credit graduate courses. For a brief overview, please view our 2023 program flyer. For a more detailed overview, please view our 2023 program brochure.

The degree can be completed in 12 months. All courses are open for registration online through PantherSoft.

Admission Requirements

Admission requires a Bachelor’s in Mathematics or related fields. In addition, applicants must satisfy conditions 3 through 5 in the admission requirements for our Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences, and have a GPA of at least 3.0 in undergraduate studies. Admission to the program requires applicants to have a firm grasp of mathematics at a high undergraduate level. This means calculus through multivariable calculus, linear algebra and differential equations. Knowledge in probability, statistics, computer programming, economics, or finance is recommended but not required. A student with promise but lacking prerequisites may be admitted but required to take one or more preparatory courses during their first semester.

Degree Requirements

The track in Risk Analysis and Management (RAM for short) requires 36 credits. The student must take 12 graduate credits, 3 credits each.

Required Courses (8):

MAP 6631 Introduction to Risk Analysis and Management
MAP 6635 Risk Analysis and Management I
MAP 6636 Risk Analysis and Management II
MAD 5405 Numerical Methods in Finance
MAP 6218 Stochastic Calculus
MAP 5117 Mathematics and Statistics Modeling in Finance
MAP 6632 PDE in Risk Analysis and Management
CAP 5768 Introduction to Data Science

Elective Courses (choose 4):

MAA 6616 Real Analysis
MAP 5204 Optimization and Linear Algebra
MAP 6637 Risk Analysis and Management III
ECO 7429 Topics in Econometrics
FIN 6426 Financial Management Policies
FIN 6428 Corporate finance
FIN 6487 Financial Risk Management
FIN 6515 Security Analysis
FIN 6538 Financial futures and fixed income derivatives
CAP 5610 Introduction to Machine Learning
CAP 5771 Principles of data mining
CAP 6619 Advanced topics in machine learning
ECP 6305 Advanced environmental economics
ENV 6614 Environmental Risk Management
STA 6326 Mathematical Statistics I

Elective courses are not exhaustive, students interested in other courses are encouraged to pursue them upon approval by graduate program advisor.