MS in Mathematical Sciences

Our Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences is intended to prepare students for further studies in mathematics or for career advancement.

MS in Mathematical Sciences

This track is ideal for students interested in applied mathematics with a focus on understanding the foundations of applied mathematics. 

The track includes eight three-credit graduate courses. To complete the programs students can choose to take two more courses or work on a masters project, over two semesters, under the direction of a faculty member. Either choice results in a 30 credit hours, the requirement for graduation. 

Risk and Management Program

This track is ideal for students interested in a career in banking, investment firms, public utilities, or hedge funds and other financial instruments. Check out our RAM program flyer.

The track includes 12 three-credit graduate courses and one optional elective during the last semester of the program. The degree will be completed in 12 months. Full-time students will take four courses per semester to complete the program in three semesters.

Risk Analysis and Management Program