All testing, including final exam, will take place in the Math Labs. Please see the class schedule for the dates.

Scheduling the Test

Before you take a test, you have to schedule it, which means you have to choose a day and a time from among available options. To schedule a test, use the Testing Cal link sent to you via email. Scheduling for each test will open approximately one week before the first day of testing. Please check the class schedule in your syllabus for the dates. It is your responsibility to arrive for your scheduled test on time.

Here are the steps you must follow to schedule a test:

  • Click on Testing Cal link in your email
  • Enter your PID and last name exactly as it is written in MyLabsPlus (e.g. the system may require Delacruz even though you spell it De La Cruz).
  • Once you have successfully logged into the reservation system, click on a date to create a reservation.
  • The testing dates for each test are listed in the calendar.
  • After deciding on the best available date and time, confirm your email address and complete your reservation.
  • Check your reservation by clicking on the Check Reservation link.
  • If you cannot see your reservation, you do not have a reservation.
  • You can also verify your reservation by checking your Panther email account for the confirmation email.
  • You may click on Cancel Reservation and then Browse Tests to change your reservation up until the time test scheduling has closed.
  • If you have not scheduled your test by the time the scheduling period ended, you will not be able to take the test.

Taking the Test

  • All testing will take place in the Math Labs.
  • You will only be allowed to take your test at the time you chose during the scheduling period.
  • Once the exam starts, you will not be allowed to take the exam if you are late. Make sure you are on time.
  • You will be expected to wait outside of the lab until your scheduled test time arrives.
  • The Math Labs will be used for most of the test days. The lab might reopen later in the afternoon. Your required lab hours are reduced by half during a testing week.
  • You should bring the following items:
    • Valid FIU Panther Card
    • Knowledge of your course login and password
    • Pen or pencil
    • All other items should be stored in a closed book bag under your desk
  • All cell phones and electronic devices should be turned off. If your phone makes sounds while turned off, please remove the battery before entering the testing room.
  • A grade of zero on a test will be assigned in one of the following situations:
    • The student fails to schedule his/her exam during the allotted scheduling period
    • The student misses his/her scheduled appointment to take the exam
    • The student violates the FIU academic integrity policies during the exam or in any circumstance relative to the exam