What to do in the labs

  1. Bring your Panther ID: You must have your Panther ID card to enter the labs. Our attendance system only recognizes that card.
  2. Time in the labs: Each student is responsible for spending their designated number of hours per time period in the labs.
    • Check your syllabus for the number of hours that you are required to spend in the lab.
    • Unless we are testing or there is a long intervening holiday, such as Spring Break, the time period to accumulate your hours will be a week (not necessarily a calendar week).
    • Students are responsible for tracking their own lab hours. We will not be able to tell you during the week “if you have enough” - it is therefore recommended that you track your own hours.
    • There will be no partial credit for earning less than the minimum required lab hours in any given time period.
    • Hours earned in one time period do not “roll over” to the next time period. The extra time is for your benefit but will not count as credit.
    • When a time period contains a holiday, the minimum number of required hours will still be required; please refer to your course’s calendar for information on due dates.
  3. How you spend that time:
    • The time in the labs is your time to learn mathematics.
    • Have a notebook to take notes while solving problems.
    • Do your homework, take a quiz, watch a video lecture, schedule a test.
  4. Use your resources:
    • Textbook and notes from class
    • MyMathLab resources: Video lectures, Help Me Solve This, PowerPoint presentations
    • LAs and faculty
    • Actively use these resources for a better grade
    • Ask LAs for help when you need it; they want to help

What not to do in the labs

Violation of the policies will result in a 0% for lab attendance for that lab-hour-period, even if all required hours have been completed.

  1. Do not bring into the labs:
    • Food and drinks
  2. Do not use electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, laptops, readers, etc.) to:
    • Access sites other than MyLabsPlus
    • Make or receive a call or text. All cellphones must be turned off and put away. Please note that the presence of a cellphone on the desk is a violation of lab policy.
    • Listen to music. We provide Pandora and Spotify on the computers.
    • Check an email - even if it is your PantherMail
  3. Do not work on assignments from other courses. The labs are a place to work on your math skills.
  4. Do not invite your friends to sit with you while you finish your homework. Only students enrolled in a Math Lab course are allowed in the Math Labs.