Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use the Math Labs?

    The Math Labs are used by College Algebra (MAC 1105), Precalculus Algebra & Trigonometry (MAC 1147), Finite Mathematics (MGF 1106), The Mathematics of Social Choice and Decision Making (MGF 1107) and Statistics for Behavioral and Social Sciences I (STA 2122) students only. Students enrolled in other mathematics courses can receive help from Learning Assistants associated with their class, visit their professors during office hours, or visit the FIU Learning Center in GL 120. Visit Mathematics and Statistics Resources for more information about Math Help at FIU.

  • How many hours am I required to spend in the lab and when are they due?

    The number of hours you are required to spend in the lab depends on the course you are in. Please check your syllabus to determine the number of hours per week that are part of your class requirement.

    A week begins on Monday and ends on Friday. All students are expected to meet their minimum hour requirement by Friday. There is no partial credit for earning less than the required hours in the lab. You are responsible for tracking your own hours. Please note that while the lab is open on a Sunday, any time spent in the lab on Sunday does not count towards the weekly hourly requirement.

  • Do I have to complete my lab hours all in one sitting?

    No. You can complete your lab hours by visiting the lab several times. Actually, research indicates that spreading out your hours over several days allows you to more effectively process the information you recently learned. Just make sure that you have accumulated the required number of hours before the lab closes on Friday. It is your responsibility to track them.

  • I completed my homework and got an 85% on my quiz with just 2 hours in the Lab. Do I have to stay for the full Math Lab hour requirement?

    If you wish to receive full credit for your weekly Lab hour requirement, you must be signed into the Math Lab for at least that amount of time. The number of required hours is a minimum. If you finish before that time is up, go back and work problem types that gave you difficulty on the quiz. Ask an LA to help you figure out the "why" behind the math. Retake the quiz and try for a 100%! And if you’ve done all this, start on the next assignments.

  • If I do more than my required lab hours, will they "roll over" into the next week’s required hours?

    No. You can spend as much time as you need in the labs, but you cannot use the excess of hours in one week to offset the shortage in another week. In essence, you must accumulate at least the required number of hours in each weekly time period.

  • Is the Math Lab open during test days?

    The Math Labs are used for testing during the test days, so it will be closed for most of the day. However, it may be open at various times on each test day to answer any last-minute questions and assist with the weekly assignments, so be on the lookout for an email containing that information.

  • Can I work on assignments at home?

    Yes, you are even encouraged to work on your assignments outside of the labs. You can access your assignments from your personal computer as long as you have internet access. Keep in mind however, that although quizzes can be done in the labs and at home, you still need to complete your Lab hours to receive the attendance credit. Working on weekly assignments in the lab is a great way to get the hours done and it assures that your questions and doubts will be answered quickly.

  • Does Math Lab have a calculator/pencil/paper that I can borrow?

    You can borrow a pencil and/or calculator with your ID. It is your responsibility to come to the lab with notebook paper and your Panther ID card.

  • Am I allowed to use a graphing calculator while in the lab working on online assignments?

    The math lab courses do not allow the use of a graphing calculator on exams, so we we strongly suggest you do your work with a scientific calculator such as the TI-30X.

  • Do you have a lost and found?

    Any items found within the Math Labs will be kept at the front desk until Friday. Any item that is not reclaimed during that time period will be sent to the library's Lost and Found.

  • Can the front desk assistant tell us our total hours?

    No, the tracking software displays only the number of hours you accumulated in a calendar week which is different from your weekly lab-hour-period. It is your responsibility to track your own lab hours. Use your notebook to write the login and logout time every time you visit the labs.

  • I am waiting for an important call. May I put my phone on vibrate?

    No. Phones are not allowed in the Math Labs for any reason. If you have an important issue, you may take a break and check your phone - but you will have to sign out of the lab and then sign in again. Using/answering your phone in the labs will result in a 0 for your lab hours for the week.

  • Can I use a music player in the Math Lab?

    No electronic device besides our computers and appropriate calculators may be used at any time within the labs.

  • I missed the test. May I come to a different test time?

    No, you may only take your test at the scheduled time. You should arrive early for your scheduled test time. Per syllabus, there are no make-ups for missed tests so it is important that you schedule your test and arrive at the proper time to take it. If there is an excusable absence from a test (medical or personal emergency for which you can provide documentation), your final exam will count in place of the missed test. This can be done for one test only. Personal travel plans are not a valid reason for missing a test.

    You should reach out to your instructor immediately if you miss an exam.

  • Can I ask for help while taking a quiz?

    No, LAs and faculty are not allowed to help you on your quizzes. However, when you have completed and submitted the quiz, they will be more than happy to go over problems with you and answer any questions. This is a very effective learning strategy and an excellent use of your time.

  • If I do not have my Panther ID card, may I still come into the Math Labs?

    No, you are required to bring your valid Panther ID every time you want to work in the labs.

  • What do students in similar courses say about these classes?

    Here are some comments from students who took College Algebra in Spring 2012:

    "The math labs are a good place to focus on just math homework without distractions."

    "Since I have to be in the lab every week, I study more than I would have on my own, and I've been getting significantly better grades!"

    "My math anxiety is going away and I'm looking forward to taking higher level math courses in the future."

    "The learning assistants are very helpful with any doubts that might arise during homework or any material that I haven't yet mastered."

    "Math Lab helps assure that the student is ready for the test. Combining helpful tips and limitless attempts on homework problems superbly ensures success in the course."

  • I am interested in becoming an LA for the Mastery Math Lab, how do I apply?

    Thank you for your interest in joining our team. We recruit new LAs every Fall and Spring semester. If you wish to be an LA in the Mastery Math Lab, visit the Learning Assistant Program: Apply to be an LA and select the mastery math lab course you will like to be an LA for.

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