BA in Natural and Applied Sciences

Our Bachelor of Arts in Natural and Applied Sciences provides an opportunity for students with diverse interests in STEM to combine courses from a variety of departments that will prepare them to achieve their academic and career goals. This degree provides a strong foundation for an interdisciplinary career such as in health advocacy, research or analytics. It is also designed for students who wish to continue their studies with a graduate or professional program.

The 30 hours of upper-division coursework for this degree may be taken within CASE and from other FIU colleges or schools as appropriate. A 3-credit capstone course helps students choose a pathway to a career or postgraduate education.

Second Major: Medical Sciences Track

This track lets students in sciences or humanities build medical knowledge and skills, preparing for med school or another health-related career. Students complete pre-medical requirements as part of a second major, complementing the first major of their choice.

For more information about the Medical Sciences Track, make an appointment with Liberal Studies Advising or Pre-Health Advising.


  • Admissions
  • Change Your Major
    1. Make an appointment - In order to change majors to liberal studies or interdisciplinary studies, you must meet with an academic advisor. 
      • If you are currently a CASE student, your assigned academic advisor can help you change your major. 
      • If you are not a CASE student, you need to meet with a member of the department's advising team. 
        • To make an appointment at MMC, please call 305-348-2978. We are at ZEB 210. 
        • To make an appointment at BBC, please call 305-919-5859. We are at AC1 300. 
        • To make an appointment for the fully online BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, please call 305-919-5859. 
    2. Familiarize yourself with graduation requirements.
      • Prior to your advising session, review the requirements for the liberal studies and interdisciplinary studies majors to help identify which would better suit your interests and personal goals. 
      • In addition to the requirements for your selected major, to graduate with a bachelor's degree from the Department of Liberal Studies you need to satisfy the following universitywide and college requirements: 
        • University Core Curriculum 
        • Global Learning requirement 
        • FLENT/FLEX requirement 
        • Summer Learning requirement 
        • 120 credits
        • Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA 
        • 45 credits of CASE upper division courses
    3. Prepare paperwork for your advising team. 
      • To optimize your academic advising session, please bring copies of the following documents: 
        • Change of major form: Fill in your name and Panther ID. The advisor will fill in the rest. 
        • Grade forgiveness: If you have retaken courses that you previously failed, make note of this and bring it to your advising session. If you aren't sure if you qualify for grade forgiveness, review your transcript prior to your meeting. 
        • Dismissal appeal: If you have been dismissed, download and complete the dismissal appeal paperwork posted in your MyFIU portal. This includes preparing a typed personal statement explaining the circumstances leading to your dismissal and your plan to improve your grades going forward.
  • Program
    • Track sheet
    • Internships -  Students interested in internships for academic credit should complete these forms and submit them during the regular enrollment period for the subsequent semester.

    Consult the 
    Undergraduate Catalog for program requirements and courses. 

  • Contact

College to Career

We offer students a capstone course that allows them to reflect on their interests, experiences, skills and strengths. They then connect this knowledge with available career opportunities. 

Students also have the option of exploring their career interests by pursuing internships. Liberal studies and interdisciplinary studies students can earn course credit for pursuing an internship by signing up for IDS 3949 and IDS 4949. Enrollment requires approval by associate director Dr. Heather Blatt

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