Undergraduate Certificate in Agroecology

Our Undergraduate Certificate in Agroecology explores interdisciplinary agroecology and urban landscapes. The certificate is offered by the Department of Earth and Environment and the Agroecology Program in strategic alliance with the Miami Dade College, Macarthur Agroecology Research Center and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service. This interdisciplinary program is aimed at providing students with an opportunity to learn problems and issues that emerge from the interface between agriculture, natural ecosystems and urban areas.

Students will gain an appreciation of the influence of traditional agricultural systems on natural ecosystems and human environment, as well as ecological and developmental pressure agriculture faces. The program will emphasize natural and economic services that are provided by large agricultural areas interspersed between urban and natural areas. Students will learn structural changes that are necessary within agriculture to make it ecologically sustainable and community-supported. The program includes farm- and field-level experiential learning through internships, field demonstrations and minor experiments.

This certificate program is open to degree-seeking students only.

  • Courses

    This certificate requires 17-18 credit hours, including:

    • EVR 4274 Sustainable Agriculture (3)
    • EVR 4272 Agroecology (3)

    One of the following:

    • ACG 4941 Agriculture Internship (2)
    • ISC 4940 Research Internship in Earth and Environment (2)
    • BSC 4914 Student Research Lab (2)
    • BSC 3949 Cooperative Education in Biology (2)
    • BSC 4915L Honors Research (2)

    And three elective courses. For eligible electives and more information, consult the Undergraduate Certificates Catalog. Students are encouraged to discuss their course plans with the Agroecology faculty listed below.

    Up to two courses taken at Miami Dade College or other colleges may be considered for the elective requirement.

  • Application

    Current degree-seeking students should submit the Change of Program/Plan form to add a certificate. 

    Change of Program/Plan

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