Our instruments allow for precise imaging and analysis of objects and materials, both inorganic and organic, at the micro and nanometer meter scales. These capabilities support research in materials science, geology, environmental, medical science, engineering, computer science, failure analysis and forensics.


Our instruments are available to users and researchers across the state and nation through remote internet access.  Send your samples with instructions and we will load and prepare the SEM system for you to operate remotely. 

  • SEM

    SEM is a versatile instrument that is capable of imaging a wide range of materials - from uncoated soft tissues to hard rocks in variable pressure conditions. The SEM is utilized by a diverse user group, from forensics, biomedical engineers, biologists and hard material scientists to geologists and failure analysts.


    • High resolution of 1.0 nm
    • Fully automated user interface
    • Optical and SEM sample imaging
    • Auto and manual focus
    • 5 axis stage control
    • Click-center-of-zoom
    • Multipoint measurement
    • Automated sample exchange
    • Digital image and spectra capture
    • Large chamber and stage
    • Variable chamber pressure
    • 5 axis automation and scanning
    • Automatic vacuum system
    • LV to HV selectable
    • CL detector
    • SEI/BEI detectors
    • XRF and EDS elemental analysis
    • EDS spectra and mapping
    • Full set of material standards
  • Carbon Coater

    Electron Microscopy Sciences EMS950X Turbo Pump carbon Coater

  • Sputtercoater

    A SPI-MODULE sputter coater - Au or Au/Pd coating available

  • Critical Point Dryer

    Critical Point Dryer A critical point dryer is an instrument used to dehydrate biological specimens intended to be observed in a Scanning Electron Microscope so that the specimen is preserved in its natural state. Samdri®-PVT-3D

    • Precise flow control for INLET, COOL, PURGE, VENT, and BLEED micro metering valves.
    • Vernier handles on all metering valves allow for reproducible settings.
    • Internal surfaces inert to LCO2 and ultra-pure alcohols.
    • Integrated automatic temperature control.
    • Static pressure control module for automatic pressure stability.
    • EZ top loading process chamber.
    • Internal filtration* protect samples and valves down to 0.5µm.
    • Tough, solvent resistant cabinet.
    • Under-lit chamber with viewing port aids visualization of chamber status.
    • Fast adiabatic chamber cooling* with CO2.
    • Advanced solid state reliable electronics.
    • All electronic and other components meet UL, CE and/or U.S. Military Specifications.

    User Manual for PVT 3-D


Please bring a flash drive for data storage.

OpticalNo ChargeNo Charge
SEM (Local or Remote)$20.00/hr$40.00/hr
Center Operator Assistance add
Center prep fee$25.00$25.00
Carbon Tabs$0.10$.015



Our faculty and students are authors and co-authors on dozens of studies.

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