Field Experiences for Counselor Education

Field experiences are a part of all majors in the Counselor Education program. All students must complete 600 hours of internship, as well as practicum requirements that vary by major. These experiences are designed to provide students with the opportunity to apply and practice the competencies they acquire throughout their training program.

In many instances, the field experiences serve as a steppingstone to future student employment. The field experiences also provide a link between the schools, community, the University and the department counseling unit.

School Counseling

The clinical field experience consists of a part-time practicum consisting of 100 hours (SDS 6800) and a full-time internship consisting of 600 hours (SDS 6820). It's completed over the course of two consecutive semesters.

Field experiences will occur at the end of the training program, and the intern is expected to put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired in the program. Students must have completed the majority of their coursework (to include the following courses) prior to enrolling in SDS 6800, the practicum that precedes the internship: MHS 5400, MHS 6700, MHS 6802, MHS 6428, MHS 5350, MHS 6511, SDS 6700, SDS 6411, SDS 5460. Students must have completed all coursework prior to enrolling in SDS 6820 — the internship. All students must have the approval of their advisor to enroll in the field experiences.

  • Application

    Students must visit the Office of Field Experiences (ZEB 130) to begin steps necessary for completion prior to turning in the application. Once requirements are completed, students should submit signed applications to the Clinical Coordinator of Field Experiences (ZEB 238B) by the deadlines listed below.

    Security clearance

    The student must obtain fingerprint clearance with the school system to which they intend to be assigned. See SEHD Field Experiences for instructions.

    School Counseling Packet

    The student must complete a School Counseling Packet including:

    • Printout of the online application with appropriate signatures
    • The School Counseling Professional Education Requirements form listing the courses completed toward program completion
    • An unofficial copy of your transcript
    • An updated resume
    • A statement of the student’s counseling/educational philosophy

    The completed packet must be approved by the student's advisor and submitted to:

    • Original and three copies to the Student Teaching and Clinical Supervision Office
    • One copy to the student's advisor
    • One copy to Clinical Coordinator of Field Experiences
    • One copy for the student

    Deadline to Submit Application

    • Fall: March 15
    • Spring: October 1
    • There are no summer placements for School Counseling majors.
  • Site Placements

    Students may only complete their fieldwork experiences in Miami-Dade County Public Schools or Broward County Public Schools. Specific placements are assigned in collaboration with district school counseling supervisors and the School Counseling track coordinator. All students must remain at their site for the entire semester in which they are enrolled (i.e., 15-16 weeks).

  • Handbook

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