• Making nuclear fuel easier to reuse, safer to store

    FIU researchers and their federal collaborators are working on some of the biggest challenges facing the nuclear power industry. By better understanding how they can remove contaminants from used nuclear fuel, researchers could make existing fuel for nuclear power plants easier to reuse and ensure unusable spent fuel does not have to be stored for thousands of years.

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  • Panthers earn prestigious 2022 NSF graduate research fellowships

    See what key issues three College of Arts, Sciences & Education doctoral students plan to research after accepting National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships.

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Student Statistics

2021-2022 Academic Year

  • 21,743

    Total number of majors

  • 19,723

    Undergraduate students

  • 2,020

    Graduate students

  • 29,211

    Total students in CASE Courses

  • 27,139

    Undergraduate students

  • 2,072

    Graduate students

  • 1,952

    CASE students who graduated in the 2020-21 academic year

College Expenditures

  • $57,944,946.72

    FY 22 Total Research Expenditures

  • $44,024,093.41

    FY 21 Total Research Expenditures

Educational and General Expenditures

  • 73.4%Faculty Salaries
  • 11.9%Administrative Salaries
  • 6.4%Graduate Assistants
  • 1.4%OPS
  • 3.3%Staff Salaries
  • 2.1%Research Support
  • 1.3%Facilities
  • 0.1%Travel

College Performance Metrics

Performance Indicator2020-20212021-20222025 Goal
FTIC 2-year retention rate with GPA above 2.090%88%90%
FTIC 4-year graduation rate (without exploratory majors)60%61%60%
FTIC 6-year graduation rate (without exploratory majors)70%70%70%
AA Transfer 2-year graduation rate*59%57%55%
Students without excess hours82%84%80%
Bachelors graduates employed full-time 1 year after graduation49%44%70%*
*BOG combines these statistics
Bachelors graduates continuing education 1 year after graduation22%21%

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