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The Graduate Certificate in Grades K-5 Mathematics Teaching enables teachers to extend their competence in teaching mathematics in elementary school. It will enhance their understanding of mathematics content, problem-solving and reasoning as well as their knowledge of ways of teaching mathematics to students from diverse and minority backgrounds. Completion of the certificate will better prepare teachers for working in elementary schools that have departmentalization by subjects in elementary grades.

This certificate program is open to non-degree-seeking students only.

  • Courses
    • MAE 5348 Numbers and Operations for Teaching in Grades K-5 (3)
    • MAE 6357 Elements of Algebra and Data Analysis for Teaching in Grades K-5 (3)
    • MAE 6358 Elements of Geometry and Measurement for Teaching in Grades K-5 (3)
    • MAE 6318 Instruction in Elementary Mathematics (3)
    • MAE 5945 Practicum: Mathematics Education (3) 

    For more information, consult the Graduate Catalog.

  • Application

    Certificate applicants should complete the form below and submit to the department for approval. Approved certificate applications will be forwarded to the Registrar for processing.

    Graduate Certificate Application