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CASE Awards

We recognize faculty who have made a significant impact on their students, college and community.


The heart of any university's mission, teaching is fundamental to intellectual development of its students. While teaching and instruction span a range of activities and occur in many different contexts, the dedication of those nominated in this area has made an impact on students, colleagues and the college.

2016 Teaching Recipients - 2017 Teaching Recipients


The engine of intellectual life in the academy, research and scholarship drive the development of knowledge and professional practice. A major focus for any faculty member, the ground breaking work of these in particular have helped us achieve recognition as an institution of research excellence.

2016 Research Recipients - 2017 Research Recipients


The success of the College and University, depends on the work of many within its programs and departments. Contributions in this area have provided critical support to the ongoing development of FIU.

2016 Service Recipients - 2017 Service Recipients


Community engagement is central to the mission of any urban public research university. This award recognizes efforts to connect with our community, both locally and globally, to address relevant issues of our time has been critical to our efforts in this area.

2016 Engagement Recipients - 2017 Engagement Recipients


Communication allows us to bridge gaps, spread knowledge, and connect communities. Matthew DeGennaro received the Communication CASE award for 2016.


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