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Based on the work conducted at Florida International University's Aquarius Reef Base, we let students and teachers be a part of real-world science through activity-based lessons and unique experiential opportunities.

Mission Manual

Dive in with supplemental content aligned to state education standards and infused with the excitement of scientific exploration.


A learner-centered, multidisciplinary competition that engages exceptional thinkers to design the next Aquarius Reef Base.

Teacher Training

On-site professional development training at Aquarius.

Mission Manual

Students splash down to learn core scientific concepts through real-world examples.
Explore the Mission Manual 

Activity-Based Lessons

Put students in the fins of researchers and aquanauts solving challenges.

Interactive Training

One-day workshop with Aquarius experts to learn how to present the Academy material in class.

Meet the Scientist

Video chat with FIU experts.


It's time to design the next Aquarius Reef Base, and our aquanauts want to know: Are students and teachers up for the challenge?
Learn About the Design Challenge 

This learner-centered, multidisciplinary activity engages exceptional thinkers to design the next Aquarius Reef Base. Middle school- and high school-level competitors apply key concepts to create a model of what the next Aquarius might look like. Package includes overview, instructions, grading rubric and a list of materials.

Exploration Experience

Splash down with aquanauts solving challenges at Aquarius Reef Base. From teacher trainings to group virtual field trips with students to in-person visits from our experts, we are bringing the excitement of undersea research to classrooms everywhere.
Discover Experiences 


Students get a chance to talk to researchers through video chats and exclusive visits from Aquarius aquanauts.

Group Virtual Field Trip

Video chat with aquanauts on board the Aquarius Reef Base to learn what it's like to live and work 60 feet beneath the surface.

Aquanaut Visit

Give students an in-person sneak peek at the latest Aquarius projects with an aquanaut visit.


Teachers are trained to deploy the Aquarius lessons built on core, standard-aligned concepts learned through real-world challenges and STEAM activities.

Aquarius 1.0: Introduction

Attend an immersive three- or five-day training for 12 people, held at the Aquarius shore facility in Islamorada, Florida.

Aquarius 2.0: Dive In

Building on knowledge gained in Aquairus 1.0 in this five-day experience for six people, which includes an overnight stay at Aquarius Reef Base.