Travel Funding and Reimbursement

Before You Attend

  1. PhD students attending conferences or related meetings to present or attend for professional development will need to use the process below. This applies for in-person and virtual events.
  2. The Graduate and Professional Student Committee is the most common way to receive funding for a conference/event. Before applying, view their frequently asked questions and presentation to understand funding processes.  You must apply at least five weeks before the event, and it is highly suggested you do it sooner. On the application, the travel liaison email should be and name Brandon Isahack.
  3. After applying for GPSC funds, you may apply for CASE funding (based on availability of funds). The college will support graduate travel on a matching basis. The college will award up to $200 once a year to encourage graduate students to present their research at professional meetings, to defray travel expenses associated with research, or to interview for a job. Fill out the CASE Travel Grant and send it in a single PDF to and the Graduate Program Director memo will be attached to your PDF folio. The CASE application must be sent by the department four weeks before travel . You will be copied when the application is sent to CASE.
  4. Students can apply for up to $250 in Department of Psychology funds for domestic travel or up to $750 Department of Psychology funds for international travel only after they have requested travel funds from GPSC, CASE and their PI/mentor. You must apply for these Department of Psychology funds before you commence travel. Funds will be provided until the yearly allocation of Department of Psychology funds has been depleted, thus students are encouraged to apply early in the academic year for funds. To apply, please complete the request for Department of Psychology travel funds here and send in a single PDF to
  5. To process your travel, you must designate an office travel liaison, Brandon Isahack, as your proxy. If you are uncertain of your proxies, here are instructions to view them:
    1. When you log into MyFIU on the main page, make sure the yellow tab on top says "employee," then on the upper right corner, click the 3 horizontal bar icon.
    2. Click on Main Menu, then click on Financial Self Service, then click on the first Employee Self Service option.
    3. Click on Travel and Expenses, then click User preferences, then Delegate Entry Authority.
    4. Your PID number should show up as the first authorized. Click on the + icon to add Brandon's PID (email to request his PID number if you do not already have it) then save.
  6. You must complete a Pre-Travel form. If GPSC is funding your trip, you must provide the email confirmation from GPSC before the travel authorization can be created.

Please address travel questions to

After You Attend

Upon completion of the event or travel, you must complete the Post-Travel form. More information on required documentation is below.

  • Airfare confirmation/invoice: Per FIU travel policy, the dates of your domestic travel cannot start earlier than 24 hours prior to the start of your event (48 hours for foreign travel) or end 24 hours after the end of your event (48 hours for foreign travel). Airfare confirmation/invoices need to show your name, ticket number, seat type (coach or economy class), airfare amount paid and credit card used (with last four digits). Trip insurance and seat upgrades are not reimbursable. If you use a third-party website to buy tickets, print out a receipt that includes credit card used with the last 4 digits. Copies of boarding passes are optional, but it is always a good idea to submit them. (If you have GPSC funding, this could be a requirement.)
  • Event Registration: Payment confirmation must show paid with zero balance due.
  • Lodging: Lodging Folio showing zero balance due. (Even if you are not being reimbursed for lodging, Controllers requires to see where you stayed.) If you share a room, please request that the hotel charge each guest separately. If only one card is charged, the owner of that card will be reimbursed. This is important if you are receiving GPSC and CASE funding. Credit card statements cannot be used in place of receipts or folios. They may be used in addition to your receipts, in certain cases only, such as when multiple students share the hotel cost and you need to prove the owner of each card.
  • Event Program: Copy of the front page of the event program along with the page(s) that show your name and presentation. Also provide the full event program and agenda.
  • Mileage: If you drive to a conference, we need a virtual record of your route with the roundtrip miles from FIU to the conference hotel.
  • Meals: Meal receipts are not required. Meal per diem for domestic travel is $36 per day ($6 breakfast, $11 lunch and $19 dinner). It is calculated from the moment your flight leaves until you return. If there are any meals included in the conference itinerary, you will not be reimbursed for them. Foreign meals are calculated depending on the city and country. Visit U.S. Department of State: Office of Allowances for that information.
  • Incidentals: Taxi, shuttle, baggage and airport parking receipts may also be submitted for reimbursement if you have available funding for them.

After the expense report is submitted, all budget managers must approve. Final approval by the Office of the Controller can take up to several weeks.